Integre Investment Management
"..building long-term wealth for clients""..building long-term wealth for clients"

Relationships that we seek

Like all good financial service providers we strive to provide our clients with a value-adding experience that exceeds their expectations. Intégre is a small firm and seeks to maintain a personal relationship with clients.

In simple terms our philosophy is to treat clients’ funds as if they are our own. So strongly do we feel about this that we have invested our personal funds alongside those of our clients on exactly the same terms; there are no “special deals”.

Legislation and local regulation provides clear guidelines to firm structure, safeguards, risk monitoring, internal processes, etc. These are detailed under individual Tabs relating to each law/code/regulation.

Intégre does not have the desire or capability to accept funds from clients. Clients deposit funds directly with the third party that executes the transactions or provides the final service. These deposits are made into bank accounts controlled by the third party institution.

Ian Dodds and Arthur Thompson, in their personal capacities belong to various financial planning and investment organisations which have strict codes of conduct, which we adhere to and use to establish the policies and operating procedures in the firm.