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No information that is provided on this website should be construed as advice, whether it is read by clients of Intégre, members of the public or any other parties. The FAIS legislation provides guidelines as to what constitutes advice and we adhere strictly to these. Persons who are seeking advice are advised to contact Intégre directly to arrange a meeting. This will initiate the detailed processes and documentation required by FAIS.

Intégre’s general disclaimer with regard to material and information supplied is:

This material is provided with the understanding that it is not a solicitation for business. Any information or opinion provided, be it electronic, verbal or written is for information purposes only and in providing this information we do not purport to be acting in an advisory or fiduciary capacity.

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Past investment performance is not a guide to future performance and is not represented as such. Investors in financial instruments need to be aware that these instruments and their derivatives may be volatile in terms of price and investment returns as well being aware that the underlying investment vehicle has both market and intrinsic risk.

Investment should be regarded in a longer-term context. The performance of historical portfolios, calculated portfolios, specific investments, combinations of investments, risk indicators, asset class returns, etc are indicative only and should not be interpreted as an indication of future performance, returns or risk indicators.

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