Integre Investment Management
"..building long-term wealth for clients""..building long-term wealth for clients"

Intégre’s CIS

Intégre offers clients an opportunity to invest in the following fund: the Intégre Large Cap Prescient Fund (ILCPF).
Some further explanation is in order: the portfolio manager is Intégre; the investment universe is the large market capitalisation shares on the JSE; the manager-administrator is Prescient Management Company; the custodian is Nedbank. The Financial Services Board requires that the “co-branding” is incorporated in the fund’s name, thereby providing clarity for investors. ILCPF is classified as a “South African – Large Capitalisation CIS Fund” as defined by ASISA (Association for Savings and Investment SA).

ILCPF, within the statutory investment parameters, selects a subset of the TOP 40 shares on the JSE as per the investment manager’s fundamental and quantitative assessments. The portfolio is rebalanced periodically.
Client funds are deposited directly into a Nedbank account, controlled by Prescient; bank account details are provided on the application forms. Intégre does not have the ability to accept funds from clients.

Clients may invest on a lump sum or periodic basis, as is appropriate for their investment objectives and resources. Only once the funds reflect in the portfolio then can Intégre make an investment decision. Dividends, unless otherwise requested, are reinvested. Prescient will allocate the required number of units to the client and issue a monthly statement directly to the client.

Investment management fees are deducted from the portfolio on a monthly basis and represent the total fees - there are no other deductions. Intégre is responsible for the fees paid to Prescient for management and administration as well as the commissions for stock broking services. Prescient and Intégre are together responsible for the fees payable to the regulator. Cash balances earn interest from Nedbank.